Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Gorgeous Quilt - brown and golden

An order for friends' daughter made me happy and put in front of new challenge.
To make a quilt for her bedroom in brown and golden, not heavy quilted and with gorgeous look.

The choice of fabrics is very limited, so I decide to use great Belgian curtain fabric, taffeta and some rests of curtain I was given by my cousin. Taffeta has an interesting characteristic to change its color when you look at it from different direction, because of  warp yarn and weft yarn used by weaving. They are two different colors.
The quilt's size is big so I decides to use "Quilt as you go" method.

The family is artistic so the squares seemed not right choice. The crazy rectangles looks better.  It took me some time to create the color schema.
First I have drawn the model on a big paper to make the templates. Began cutting and sewing the pieces.

Two contiguous parts connected with 1,5 inch strip.
The most interesting is that back side is different colors so there is another figure.
I will show it tomorrow.

Good night!

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