Saturday, February 19, 2011

My "Quilt as you go" project

I have much time when traveling or sitting in the evening in front of TV set so decided to try something new.
I cut squares different solid colors, paper hexagons and began my new adventure.

Then added other colors without idea what will be happen at the end.

 Every evening the number of hexagons increased. 


They look like a beautiful garden.
 I made a decision - it will be "Spring flowers in the air".

 What size of the quilt would looks better?


  1. е обожавам шестоъгълниците ти! с това си те помня от уъркшоп-а:)

  2. The right size will just hit you when you get to it.
    It is a lovely basket!
    Great job and I can imagine how good it feels to see it grow evening after evening!
    I am knitting socks instead now and the pairs seem to multiply :)

  3. Eй толкова съм отнесена, че чак се изненадах когато видях коментари тук. Благодаря!