Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The day of the Earth

The main goal of quilting (patchwork) is to use pieces of fabrics.
That means put every piece in action. Here are some great tips to collect them and to use them.

At the well known site Craftsy there is a free e-guide that you can download.

Save Those Scraps! A Scrap Quilting Handbook

I am very proud to see my project among the pages.
It was the beginning of a wall hanging.
See how it looks now. 

 It reminds me of broken glass, so I named it - The brocken window.
The size is 24 x 28 inches. I used ombre blue thread for quilting.
I was surprised I have missed to show the finished project  to the Craftsy Community.
Now the mistake is corrected.


  1. I love this broken glass quilt. It is really beautiful. Amazing that you can make such a beautiful quilt with just scraps. Inspiring!

    1. Thank you! It began as a game one evening when realized how many small pieces in blue and green I have. Began collect them intuitively.